Arsenic and Old Lace is a beloved farce that  has been a staple of many theatres since 1941.


It provides plenty of fun acting opportunities for both men and women over 50, as well as younger folks in their late 20's and early 30's. 

The play takes place in the living  room of the Brewster sisters' home, a Victorian mansion in Brooklyn, New York in 1941. The play will be done in that time period. 

Audition Dates

Coming Soon!

ABBY  BREWSTER - Female. Played  to be in her late 60's. A sweet, darling lady and sister to Martua, Aunt to Mortimer, Teddy, Jonathan;   Kind, devoted to helping others    


REV. DR. HARPER - Male. Played  late 50's or older. Next door neighbor and friend, minister of neighborhood church, father to Elaine     Appropriately formal, wears clerical garb


TEDDY BREWSTER - Male.Played  in 40's. Nephew to Abby and Martha; Believes himself to be Teddy Roosevelt; Should be able to carry a "dead body" offstage, as well as "charge" upstairs on a run   


OFFICER BROPHY - Male. Age not specific -can be 20's and up; Brooklyn police officer    Kind, courteous cop-on-the-beat     Likes the family


OFFICER  KLEIN - Male. Age not specific - 20's and up    Brooklyn police officer

Kind, courteous cop-on-the-beat      Likes the family, but slightly more abrupt in manner


MARTHA  BREWSTER - Female. Played as in her 60's. Described as being "also a sweet elderly woman with Victorian charm"    .  Wears high collars that cover neck   Charitable


ELAINE  HARPER -  Female. Probably 20's, but could be 30's. Rev. Harper's daughter who becomes engaged to Mortimer in  Act I  (there are several kissing scenes) 

About the Show


NOTE: Ages given are approximate. The sisters are played to be in their '60's. 

Ages of the Brewster nephews, Jonathan and Teddy, rather depend upon the casting of their brother, Mortimer, who should be played at least in his late 20's to have attained his post on the New York newspaper as the drama critic. 

Although  Abby and Martha are a bit eccentric, they will not be played "over the top." 

(If possible, accents of the time period, area and ethnicity will be used.)

MORTIMER BREWSTER - Male. Played late 20's or 30's. Beloved nephew of Abby and Martha     New York Drama Critic   Very fond of his aunts and Teddy;   Rather sees himself as sophisticated, but able to play comic, rather frenetic scenes   Several kissing scenes with Elaine


MR. GIBBS - Male. 50 - 70's. Lonely, cranky older gentleman, looking for a room. 

Small, but fun role


JONATHAN  BREWSTER  - Male. Played  40's - 50's  Nephew of Abby & Martha although without their kindness  or charm   Tall, imposing, self- assured, and menacing Psychopath whose last plastic surgery left  him  resembling  Boris Karloff  


DR. EINSTEIN  -Male. Played 50's and older.  Plastic surgeon who drinks too much  Not quite as merciless as Jonathan   Actually, rather likable   Needs to be able to do a bit of physical comedy of  falling into window seat and hefting  "dead" body (dummy)


OFFICER O'HARA - Male. Mid-30's  -  50's.  Brooklyn police officer,  very talkative More interested in becoming a playwright than policing; not the most reliable officer for attending to police business, easily distracted 


LIEUTENANT  ROONEY - Male. late 40's - 60's .  Brooklyn police man

More gruff, tough, driving, confident, commanding 


MR. WITHERSPOON - Male. played 60's plus. Described as " tight-lipped disciplinarian"

the Superintendent of  Happy Dale Sanitarium         Small role, but ends the show!

All shows for the 2020 season have been moved to the 2021 season. At this time we are still working on the new show dates. Please keep re-visiting for more updates or visit us on our facebook page. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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