Audition Dates

April 3rd, 4th, and 5th

7:00pm at the theatre.

About the Show

Based on the King Arthur legend, this love story is one of the greatest love triangles of all time.

An idealistic young King Arthur hopes to create a kingdom built on honor and dignity, embodied by his Knights of The Round Table. His ideals, however, are tested when his lovely queen, Guinevere, falls in love with the young Knight, Lancelot and the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance.

Character Info

Please Note: Casting decisions will be made on acting skills, and the other auditioners, not age. All are welcome to audition for any role.


An idealistic, compassionate and generous king (by virture of withdrawing the sword Excalibur from its imprisonment in a rock).  He tends to be unsure of himself, but serves as an inspiration

to others and strives to lead based on honor and chivalry.     Age:  35-55


A young, attractive and spirited woman who soonmarries Arthur and becmes queen.  She loves  Arthur and his righteous ways, but is suddenly thrown with the arrival of Lancelot.  Age:  20-40

Lancelot du Lac

A self-involved French knight who is accustomed to excelling at everything.  A chaste and   brave knight who quickly earns the honor to join the Round Table  He soon falls in love with

Guinevere.   Age:   20-35.   


The illegitimate son of Arthur and is bound to destroy Arthur's kingdom.  He is a jealous and

conniving addition to the Round Table  Age:  20-30 

Sir Dinaden

A stalwart and proud member of the Round Table.  Age:  20-50

Lady Anne

Lady of the court at Camelot.  A happy attendant of Quenevere.   Age:  20-50

Sir Sagramore

Loyal member of the Round Table.  He is an outgoing and pleasant fellow..   Age:  20-50

Lady Sybil

Loyal attendant to Quenevere.  A Lady -in-Waiting who is a long-serving attendant at court.

Age:  25-55

Sir  Lionel

Venerable member of the Round Table.  He serves the court with undying loyalty,

  enthusiasm and valor.  Age:  Age:  18-50.

Lady Constance

A Lady of the court who is dedicated to serving Quenevere. She serves with quiet authority.

Age:  20-55  

Tom of Warwick

A young runaway whom Arthur knights, in hopes that he will spread the word of chivalry 

and Camelot.  He is enthusiastic and filled with dreams of the future.   Age:  10-15

Mistress of the Revels

Filled with bounce, joy, and the magic of theatre.  Age:  18-65

Master of the Revels

Enthusiastic leader of the revelers.  He happily exudes knowledge. and authority.  Age:  20-65