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About the Show

Based on the King Arthur legend, this love story is one of the greatest love triangles of all time.

An idealistic young King Arthur hopes to create a kingdom built on honor and dignity, embodied by his Knights of the Round Table. His ideals, however, are tested when his lovely queen, Guenevere, falls in love with Sir Lancelot and the fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance.

Our Cast

        Sir Sagramore: 
        Sir Lionel: 
        Sir Dinaden: 
        Lady Anne: 
        Lady Constance: 
        Dot (Lady Sybil /Mordred): 
        Dap (and Merlyn):

Greg Smith
Rebecca Vernon
Caleb Rivera
Damien Benedict
Jim Greene
Jim Cole
Staci Mysak
Gloria Grev
Mary Sue Vernon
Jayson Stover

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