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Postponed to May of 2024!

About the Show

How do our own experiences of race, gender, and wealth influence how we see the world? When a wealthy, white real estate executive (Arthur Golden) accuses a black woman (Regina Wade) of stealing his watch, she loses an important business client, and eventually loses her business. Because of this, Wade accuses Golden of defamation and sues him for half a million dollars. Wade’s lawyer--a white man-- paints this as a case of racial prejudice on the part of Golden, while Golden’s lawyer--a black woman--counters that this is Wade’s bitterness against a successful white man. Ultimately, the class is not a clear-cut civil suit, and the audience must serve as the jury. Based on the evidence, did Golden commit defamation against Wade? Did that defamation lead to her business loss? To answer these questions, the audience must face their own prejudices about race, gender, and power as they deliberate this case of Defamation.

Due to casting conflicts the show, Defamation will NOT be presented this upcoming September.

We are hoping to move this show to our 2024 season knowing that the cast will have availability. Please stay updated on our website and facebook page for the new dates!

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