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by Lerner and Loewe

Tams-Witmark, publisher​

The 1958 hit musical which won a Tony Award as well as nine Academy awards is a tune-filled musical overflowing with comedy, sumptuous costumes and scenery, and a precocious young lady finding her way into life and love. Set in 1800′s Paris, the show includes such hits as “Gigi,” “The Night They Invented Champagne,” “I Remember It Well” and “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.”

Based on Colette’s comic novel.

Directed by Robert Assink

Sponsored by Citizens Bank


  • Honore Lachailles –Terry Tesar

  • Gaston Lachailles—Chad Willer

  • Gigi—Caroline McLaughlin

  • Inez Alvarez (Mamita)--Linda Merritt

  • Aunt Alicia—Mary Sue Vernon

  • Liane d' Exelmans—Katharine Bergman

  • Charlaine—Aimee Jones

  • Francois, the Headwaiter—David Tammel

  • Regine, the Receptionist—Nancy Dearborn

  • Louis, the Telephone Installer—Jim Greene

  • Maitre Henri du Fresne (Lawyer)--Steve Clemmons

  • Manuel—Basilio Light

  • Andre Pas de Deux (Dance Instructor)--Calvin Dewitte

  • Juliette—Rebecca Vernon

  • Lucile—Kylie Wall

  • Jacqueline—Allison Winter

  • Jean Paul—Jim Greene

  • Liane's Dance Partner—Steve Clemmons

  • Madame Pyrenne—Grace Zimmerman

  • Sister Solange—Susan Wilcox

  • Sister Bernadette—Darlene Tammel

  • T. Lautrec—Jayson Stover

  • Birthday Boy—J. J. Dooley

Trouville Tourists

  • Kylie Wall

  • Jim Greene

  • Sullie Clemmons

  • Makenzie Ide

  • Maren Ide

Dance Enssemble

  • Ethan Hosek

  • Brodie Clemmons

  • Justin Martin

  • Kinsey Stickler

  • Molly Ide

  • Tabitha Etten

Beachball Girls

  • Megan Ide

  • Claire Hogan


  • Destiny Wall

  • Chastity Hesket

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