About the Show

This tragic story takes place in an All-Girl Catholic Highschool in 1963.

With all of the characters based from Shakespeare's original characters and crazy plots. This show tackles the specifics associated with power both in the literal sense (within the boundaries of the school system) and the allegorical (the show is directly referencing the Kennedys).

Audition Dates

Feb 6th and 7th

7:00pm at the theatre.

Character Info

Please Note: Casting decisions will be made on acting skills, and the other auditioners, not age. All are welcome to audition for any role.

Brutus (F) - A Senator and supporter of the Republic, closest friend to Caesar, moral compass of the show. Based on Mimi Alford, Female; Age range: 18-45 

Cassius (F) - A Senator; the head of the conspirators, conniving, extremely jealous.  Based on Marilyn Monroe, Female; Age range: 18-45 

Antony (M) - Leader of the Army, powerful, politically minded, brilliant speaker. Based on RFK, Male; Age range: 30s, 40s 

Casca (F) - A Senator/Conspirator, timid, quick talking, extremely nervous.  Based on Mary Pinchot Meyer, Female; Age range: 18-45  

Julius Caesar (M) -  Rising Dictator of Rome, pompous, extremely proud. Based on JFK, Male; Age range: 40s - 50s

Octavius (M) -  Unofficial Son of Caesar, rising political leader, political mind but weak military mind.  Will need to learn fight choreography.  Based on Ted Kennedy, Male; Age range: 18-30

Lucius (F) - Slave to Brutus. Needs to be able to play a string instrument.  Singer. Female; Age range: 14-19

Soothsayer (F) - A nun, Female; Age range: 50s, 60s 

Decius/Messala (F) - A Senator/Conspirator/General, conniving, brilliant with language. Based on Judith Exner, Female; Age range: 18-45 

Marullus/Cinna/Titinius (F) - A Senator/Conspirator/General.  Based on Jill Cowan, Female; Age range: 18-45 

Portia/Pindarus/Citizen/Siren (F) -  Wife to Brutus/Slave/Citizen singer.  Female; Age range: 18-45  

Calpurnia/Citizen/Siren (F) -  Wife to Caesar/citizen singer. Based on Jackie Kennedy, Female; Age range: 40s, 50s 

Flavius/Metellus Cimber/Lucilius/Citizen/Siren (F) - A Senator/Conspirator/General.  Based on Mary Jo Kopechne, Female; Age range: 18-45 

Trebonius/Clitus/Citizen (F) - A Senator/Conspirator/General.  Based on Priscilla Wear, Female; Age range: 18-45  

Artemidorus/Servant/Citizen (F) - A Senator/General.  Based on Barbara Gamarekian; Age range: 18-45  

Cicero/Cinna the Poet/Lepidus/Citizen (M/F) - A Senator/Poet/General, Male or Female. Any age 

Looking for actors who can sing and/or play the guitar/ukulele/violin.  Five of the roles will sing in the show.