Audition Dates

June 5th-7th

7:00pm at the theatre.

About the Show

"Lost Memories" focuses upon one family in rural Iowa as they navigate the discovery that one of their loved ones is beginning to suffer from dementia/Alzheimer's disease. And although the subject matter is about a sad situation,  the play is neither maudlin nor depressing.  

    Live Talk-Backs after each performance will allow audience members to talk with memory care professionals.

Character Info

Please Note: Casting decisions will be made on acting skills, and the other auditioners, not age. All are welcome to audition for any role.

Phyllis Delaney: Just widowed for the second time. The kind of person who will speak her mind when upset.

Jon Delaney: Phyllis’s stepson.  A tall man, hard worker who likes to tell a joke and looks out for his brother.

Kelly Delaney: Jon’s wife. Sees things for what they are and tries to keep Jon on that same path.

Jennifer Stout: Jon’s older sister.  Very helpful to her stepmom, but doesn’t want to call her out on anything.

Jack Hanley: Phyllis’s son. Principal of the high school. Loves to tell stories and exaggerates the truth.

Mary Hanley: Jack wife. Does not like anything to be about her. Very much in love with Jack.

Ricky Jackson: African American,  Phyllis’s neighbor Jacks best friend and likes to help out with anything he can.

Lucinda Jackson: African American, Ricky's wife she is a nurse and tells it like it is.

Molly Hanley: Jack and Mary’s daughter. Teenagers.

Kendra Jackson: Ricky and Lucinda’s daughter. Teenager.