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The Odd Couple

by Neil Simon

Samuel French, publisher

One of the best-loved TV comedy series of the 1970′s, which came from the 1965 hit Broadway play and the 1968 movie! Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, friends and buddies until Oscar plays the good Samaritan and takes Felix into his home after Felix’s wife wants a divorce. Hilarious situations ensue as Oscar soon discovers his friend’s idiosyncrasies literally drive him crazy.

A not-to-be missed Spring Show


Directed by Basilio Light 

Sponsored by F & M Bank


  • Oscar Madison - Collin McDonnell

  • Felix Unger - Kevin Sims

  • Murray - Darby Washington

  • Roy - Terry Tesar

  • Speed - Gerald Morrison

  • Vinny - Gary Barnett

  • Gwendolyn - Denise Whitmore 

  • Cecily - Alyssa Kemp-Priest

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