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About The Group
Do you love theatre but can't remember all those lines? Well, join the club! The newly-formed Starlighters II Reader's Theatre Group can help, because we use scripts during performances!
Available for anyone 13 up to 60

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Some things Reader's Theatre Does

  • Reads play proposals for next year's selection.

  • Puts on small productions that allow limited set, costumes and props and allows you to just read and BE your character. 

  • Gets together with the rest of the team to create something NEW

Book Stack

Upcoming Opportunities

We will be holding a "Snippets" Readers Theatre meeting.

Show dates and times for our "Snippet" productions is yet to be determined.

What is "Snippet" Readers Theatre???

This is an opportunity for our actors to act out their favorite story. We ask the participants to bring 1 or two of their favorite books and pick out 1-2 pages that can be used to act out.

If you are interested in being a part of this opportunity, our first meeting will be on April 30th from 2pm-4pm.

Please come prepared with your book of choice. Have more questions? Contact us here.

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