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About the Show

World famous painter, Mark Rothko, has just accepted the largest commission ever in art history.  Red tells the true to life story of the two year period of Rothko’s career where he is creating his Seagram Murals.  His newly hired assistant, Ken, finds himself in a complicated relationship where he learns from the master and eventually becomes Rothko’s equal in many ways.  Ken forces Rothko to remember the truths of what art is, and what gives an artist their integrity. 


This PG-13 rated play invites the audience to journey alongside Rothko as he stops the black from taking over the Red.

Character Info

Please Note: Casting decisions will be made on acting skills, and the other auditioner's, not age. All are welcome to audition for any role.

             Mark Rothko (M) - Basilio Light
Ken (M)  - Trevor Baty

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