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2019 Season Announcement

Starlighters is looking forward to our 45th year! With that we have decided upon several delightful shows that will bring you laughter, tears and so many more emotions.

Starting our season in March will be Clown Car by Mark Aloysius Kenneally.

The show will be directed by Basilio Light who last directed the Odd Couple.

The show is full of laughter, detectives and of course clowns! It is a whodunit play where 10 clowns go in the car and only 9 come out!

For more info on the show times and dates click here.

Our Summer show this year will be the Musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee music by William Finn and Playwright by Rachel Sheinkin. The show will be Directed by Jennifer Beall who last directed She Loves Me, our winter Musical. This show is sure to make you laugh as the cast is made up of adults who are playing the role of children. Click here for show times and dates.

Following will be our fall show, Proposals by Neil Simon. This will be director Aimee Jones' first time directing, she last assisted in the production of She Loves Me. This is show is a comedic, dramatic, memory play that takes place in the Poconos Mountains at the Hines family summer home. Click here for show times and dates.

Our final show of the season will be the winter play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson, directed by Victoria Wims, who last directed Fruitcakes. This show is a fun filled loving show that is perfect for the entire family! Click here for show times and dates.

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