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Starlighters II Theatre Receives $5000 Grant

Great news for Jones County's local theatre, Starlighters II Theatre. It was a difficult decision this year to darken our stage, the first time in over 40 years! Although this decision was in the best interest for our patrons, no shows means, no incoming funds. We are a nonprofit, all volunteer organization relying on our patrons and shows for funding. We have been fortunate to be with savings, donations, and local grants. Because of these funds and donations we are assured that Starlighters II Theatre will reopen when it is safe to do so. We would like to thank one of our bigger funding groups, the Iowa Arts & Culture Recovery Program for a accepting our grant proposal. $7 million in grant funds will be rewarded to participating theatres across Iowa! These funds will help offset the effects from COVID-19. It was announced early last week that Starlighters II Theatre was one of the recipients for this grant, and will be receiving a $5000 grant. Starlighters II Theatre is looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! Click here to read the full article


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