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About the Show

This series of three one-act plays explores what happens when we try to hide our true desires. While written in the early 20th century, each of these plays explores feelings that are familiar to people today. This production will feature both comedy and drama.

Overtones will be performed as a standalone piece at ICTAFest '23. The festival takes place March 17 and 18 in Oskaloosa. The cast of Overtones should plan to be out of town for this weekend. If you have any conflicts preventing you from traveling, please make note of those on your audition form.

Cast Info

Moira - Allie Mersch

Rex - Max Cline
Harriet -
Diana Jones
Hettie - Lindsay Ryan
Margaret - Denise Cherry
Maggie - Emily Burds

Suppressed Desires
Henrietta - 
Rebecca Vernon
Stephen - Dennis Heeren
Mabel - Aimee Clemmons

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