Cast Info

Anna Leonowens - Strong-minded English widowed teacher looking for new adventure with her son Louis. (30-45 Soprano or Mezzo)

Lady Thaiang - First wife of the King, loves him and protects him, even though she cannot take action. (30-50 Mezzo-Soprano)

Tuptim - She is a gift from the Price to the King, with a strong sense of emotional range. (15-25 Soprano)

The King of Siam - Demanding ruler looking to bring his kingdom into the new world. (35-50 Baritone)

The Kralahome - The King's principal advisor and keeper of traditional ways.

Lun Tha - Emissary who traveled with Tuptim to the King, finds himself falling helplessly in love with her. (15-25 Tenor)

Louis Leonowens - Anna's son (12-15 Alto)

Prince Chululongkorn - Eldest son of the King and heir to the throne. (13-17 Alto)

Captain Orton- Captain of the Chow Phya ship. (40-65)

The Interpreter - Interpreter to the King (18-60)

Phra Alack - Secretary to the King. (18-60)

Sir Edward Ramsey - English diplomat and former friend to Anna and her husband. (35-50)

Princess Ying Yaowlak - Cute young and loveable daughter to the King.(8-12)

Ensemble - Include, dancers, wives, priests, prince's, princesses, children, and others.(16-80)

Audition Dates Coming Soon!

About the Show

The King and I is a moving, radiant story of East meets West. This well know story takes place in the 1860s when newly widowed Anna Leonowens and her son, Louis, set sail from their native England for Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand). Anna, still grieving, has set her sights on a new adventure as the schoolteacher for the royal offspring of the King of Siam.

The King is determined to usher Siam into the modern world, and he thinks Western education can be a part of that. Anna is horrified at first by many of the traditions that he holds dear. Anna and the King struggle to find common ground, The King is largely considered to be a barbarian by rulers of the West, and he takes Anna on as an advisor. He confides in her, asking her to help change his image.

With both keeping a firm grip on their respective traditions and values, Anna and the King teach each other about understanding, respect, and love that can transcend the greatest of differences. Beneath the fraught, fiercely opinionated, conflict-ridden surface of Anna and the King’s relationship lies one of the most memorable musical loves stories of all time.

All shows for the 2020 season have been moved to the 2021 season. At this time we are still working on the new show dates. Please keep re-visiting for more updates or visit us on our facebook page. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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