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Main Stage

Starlighters is celebrating 50 years! To make this year a special one, we are having shows, activities, classes and events every month! For a full list of all of our monthly happenings both on and off stage, please click here.


The Big Five-Oh

Whoever said life is better after fifty had better be right! George Thomas is turning fifty on Saturday, and it has been a
terrible week. His dog is sick, his son is a slacker, and his daughter wants to marry a man almost twice her age. With a
neurotic wife and a widowed neighbor providing more challenges than even George can overcome, this may be the worst
week of his life. Through these trying days, George will discover the wonders of his family, the responsibilities of
parenthood, and the results of his latest physical.
The Big Five-Oh is a hilarious, sometimes touching account of a grown man coming to terms with his age, his
relationship with his son, and his future. It is the story of a middle-aged man finally growing up.

More here.


This light and colorful Musical brings several Dr. Seuss characters to life as craziness strikes. Horton struggles to care for a small town of people living on a flower, a bird falls in love with an Elephant, JoJo gets lost, then found and more. The story is narrated by The Cat while he twists things up and really makes this story jump off the page. This show is about love, friendship, loyalty and of course MUSIC!

This show will not only be our main stage show, but also our two week Jr. Starlighters summer camp.

Click here for a character breakdown.

Click here for information about our 2024 summer camp.

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In an imagined Diesel Punk inspired Scotland, culture clashes with power, desire leads to death, and greed carries banners into war.  After battle, three witches spin a prophecy that Scottish General Macbeth will one day become King.  Inspired by his wife, the Macbeths turn prophecy into reality leading to an assassination, coup, and ultimate downfall.  Civil War erupts and characters are thrown into the dangerous waters of freewill versus fate.   With the aesthetics of WWII Europe, this production takes Shakespeare’s classic and puts a 20th century sheet of paint on the cover. 

Click here for a character breakdown.

All Through The Night

A small group of weary travelers discover the power of the season while trapped in a lonely train station on Christmas
Eve. As a blizzard rages outside, the troubled people are forced to turn to each other for companionship. Trying to make
them more comfortable is the old stationmaster, Charlie. When the clock strikes midnight, there is a knock on the station
door and seven youngsters appear. They’ve seen the station lights from the nearby church where, in secret, they’ve been
practicing the story of the nativity which they plan to present at regular service. They offer to perform their play for the
travelers, and afterward they speak to the travelers individually, giving advice that is seemingly wise beyond their years.

Click here for a character breakdown.

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Special Events


50 Years of Loves Songs at Starlighters

This musical event showcases the loves songs from musicals that Starlighters II Theatre has done over the last 50 years. We will bringing back some of the original cast members from those musicals as an extra special trip down memory lane.

Ticket sales for this event will be going on sale soon.


Flannigan's Wake

In this comedy, improvisational show we join the villagers of the beautiful fictional village of Grapplin, County Sligo, Ireland, as they tell tales, sing songs and mourn the passing of one of their own, Flanagan. You can share tales of your own experiences and misadventures with dear old Flanagan or simply enjoy the stories and songs of the locals as they recall life with "himself." Once you have arrived in Grapplin, you'll pay your respects to glowering Mother Flanagan and to poor grieving fiancée, Fiona Finn. 

Ticket sales for this event will be going on sale soon.


A Night of One Acts

We join 3 new directors at Starlighters II Theatre as they take their shows to the stage for the first time. These three directors have selected shows to direct and produce just for you. Join us for an exciting night of short One Acts as we make their dream of becoming a director a reality!

Ticket sales for this event will be going on sale soon.


Heroes v.s. Villains

This isn't any ordinary tail of Heroes and Villains, this is a twisted musical sing-a-long that brings many of your favorite songs and characters to life.

We ask the audience to participate in dressing up as their favorite Hero or Villain. If you come dressed up, you can enter our costume contest for fun prizes.

You can also come early to meet and take pictures with your favorite characteres.

Ticket sales for this event will be going on sale soon.


Radio Theatre and Readers Theatre Event

Our Radio Theatre and Reader's Theatre teams are working together to bring you a night of performances. Stay updated here with more details.

Ticket sales for this event will be going on sale soon.

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