Junior Starlighters is our program for young theatre artists. All Junior Starlighters events are open to any child who wants to learn more about the art of theatre, no prior experience is required. Please see bellow for current program information.

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This year we are bringing Lion King Jr to life. 2022 camp is open to campers ages 7-16.
Registration is due June 1st, we do have limited camp space, so this will be on a first come, first serve.
Auditions will be held on June 26th during the first day of camp. Camp days are June 26-9 we will have no camp July 2-4 for the 4th of July holiday.
Please see the list of characters and sign up form below.
For questions please contact us at 319-462-4793

Registration Form

Simba-As a lion cub playful and curious; as an Adult lion, he reunites with Nala, mourns his father and confronts Scar. Powerful Male singer

Mufasa- A strong honorable and wise lion who commands respect. Powerful Male Singer

Scar- Villain of the show. Coldhearted, wickedly intelligent, sarcastic. Solos can be spoken or sung.

Rafiki-A wise mandrill who is the healer of the Pridelands, with an air of mystery. Strong Lead Singer

Nala-a courageous lion cub, when an adult lioness, she leads Simba to confront Scar. Strong Female Singer

Timon- A meerkat who is fearful but acts like a leader. Comic timing and Strong Singer. Male or female

Pumbaa-A kindhearted, sensitive warthog. Male or female humorous Singer

Shenzi- A sassy loud laughing hyena that can be menacing. Male or female

Banzai-A nasty, gruff hyena. Male or female

Ed-a laughing hyena with a cackling laugh. Male or female

Sarabi- Simba’s mother, a strong and queenly lioness. Ensemble singer

Sarafina- Nala’s mother, a strong lioness. Ensemble singer

Zazu- Anxious and loyal assistant to Mufasa. Spoken lyrics

Hyenas, Lionesses, Prideland Animals- Ensemble Singers & Dancers