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Clown Car - Meet the Cast

Artie - Jayson Stover is joining us again for another performance. Jason has been seen in Starlighters productions as an actor and as a stage crew for many many years.

Nick - Matt English has been is several Starlighters productions including his most recent role in, The Miss Firecracker Contest.

Amy - Dakota Bierer is an Anamosa High School student, this is her first show at Starlighters, even though she has done a few shows at the High School. Starlighters is looking forward to seeing her shine.

Chuckles/Pozo - Clayton Lubben was last seen in The Miss Firecracker Contest. This will be Clayton's second performance here and we are glad to have him back!

Dahlia - Angelina Pulaski is an Anamosa High School student and this will be her first production ever. Angelina helped out in the light and sound booth for our winter show, She Loves Me. We hope that she will continue to be a part of our theatre.

Bobo - Katherine Williams has been a several shows at Starlighters but most recently directed The Miss Firecracker Contest. We are glad to have her back on stage!

C.C. - Alanna Lawrence will be joining us for her second performance here. She was last seen in The Miss Firecracker Contest. Alanna is currently taking the Directors Class to further her acting education. We are looking forward to her talented work.

Saccharine - Jane Lawrence has helped out in a few of Starlighters productions, but this will be the first time we see her on stage. Jane is currently taking the Directors Class to get a greater view of the theatre as a whole.

Bubbles - Heather Sims has been in few of the Starlighters productions and was last seen in The Miss Firecracker Contest. Heather is the Youth Director for the theatre along with being on the Artistic Committee. We are happy to see her once again on stage.

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